How to Join


Why have a membership with Garber Cooperative Association?

All business that occurs within the cooperative directly benefits its members. Cooperative members allow farmers and ranchers to come together as a unit and compete together in their local markets as well as globally. The union of these producers allow all of them to have more bargaining power, and anticipate the unpredictability of the commodity marketplace.

The members of the cooperative organization directly benefit from profits by the cooperative returning the profit in the form of patronage. Each member receives a different amount, as it depends on the members’ usage of the cooperative will determine how much patronage they receive. The patronage can be received in the form of cash or cooperative stock.

We are thrilled for interest in becoming a member of the Garber Cooperative Association! To become a member, you must have an agriculture related business and have an active account with us. Once you have filled out an application the Garber Cooper Association Board will review your application to determine if you are eligible or not.


Membership Application



A credit line through the Garber Association allows its members to charge items to their account and be billed for the items later.

A credit application is available to those who already have an active account with us. As well as those who are seeking to set up an account with us and apply for credit at the same time.

Cathy Kimmell, Shawn Lohmann, or Tandra Johnson would be than happy to help you set up your account and credit application.

Credit Application