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Its a confusing world, especially when it comes to Crop Protection chemistries due to the wide array of choices in the marketplace.  This is especially true when trying to navigate the world of generic options.  The same active ingredient can have several trade names based on who is selling it.  To compound the issue, there are different formulations of the "same" active ingredient, making it increasingly difficult to compare apples to apples.  So, lets take a few moments to clarify some of the key differences in crop protection products.


Branded Products

These products are produced or marketed by "basic manufactures" like Syngenta, Monsanto/Bayer, BASF, Dow/Dupont or FMC (others not mentioned, but you get the gist).  These products can be patented and carry some degree of performance assurances. 

These basic manufactures invest serious dollars into research and development and are primarily responsible for any innovation that happens in regards to crop protection products.  


Generic Products

These products are produced/marketed, usually, by off patent manufactures or are private labels of branded products that carry no warranty.  Generally, there is a cost advantage associated with generic products, however, the "tech" or formulation ingredients can be substandard.  


Our Philospophy

Traditionally, retailers have put a premium price on branded products and tend to sell generic chemistries solely based on the perceived value of a lower cost to the producer.  

I have a different philosophy and prefer to use branded products when and where its applicable.  I do not want you to have a chemical failure, and it happens, only to have zero recourse in helping you minimize your financial loss. 


Competitive Pricing

We have revised our pricing structure on crop protection products and continuously strive to be highly competitive in the market place.  Consequently, we have lowered the prices of many popular products and several key branded products.  This action has narrowed the gap between generic and branded chemistries offered by Garber Cooperative.  

We want your business.  Let us know how we can better serve your needs!